Uri Golani
Your Tour Guide in Israel

Uri Golani - Your private Tour Guide in Israel


Uri-1Planning that long awaited trip to Israel? You have booked your flight, confirmed your hotels, and now all that is left is to decide what you are going to see and do. You can open a travel guide explore all the same things that everyone else does. You can be adventurous and wander off by yourself without knowing exactly where you are going. Or you can be smart and have someone show you those places you always wanted to see plus those other places that you would love to see but don't know how to get to, or even know they exist!

Uri Golani can be your personal guide to explore the many exciting and facinating sites in the land of Israel. Combining knowledge, experience, and a love of the land, Uri will help you understand the land, its people and its history in a manner that is both exciting and informative. Uri has traveled the land from end to end, both as an officer in the Israeli army, and as a tour guide and has abilty to bring new dimensions to any journey

Specializing in Desert tours, Uri can take you to the remote and out of the way places most people never get to see. When you travel the desert with Uri you get a see a new and facinating dimension to what many consider a "pile of rocks and sand".

In short, a tour of Israel with Uri is a trip that you and your family will never forget!

Picures of Israel
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