Uri Golani
Your Tour Guide in Israel

About Uri Golani

uri-2Uri Golani was born and raised on Kibbutz Naan between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He was an officer in the Israeli Army artillary corp and served many years in the army reserves. Between the childhood raising oranges and milking cows and the years wandering the desert in the army, Uri has developed a unique persective about this wonderful country.

A fully licensed tour guide, Uri specializes in small family and individual tours, Uri brings his unique character, knowedge, and outlook to the job. He will help you explore out of the way and unusal sites and will give in-depth explanations about all the exciting things you see.petramonastery

In addition, Uri can lead you on a trip to the magical "Red City" of Petra in Jordon. Carved out of rock, it has been called "one of the most precious cultural properties of man's cultural heritage." The opprotunity to visit both Israel and Petra is one that should not be missed!

Picures of Israel
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