Uri Golani
Your Tour Guide in Israel

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Family trip to the Maccabees Tombs

An easy and fun family trip to the The Maccabees Tombs.

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Coastal tour in Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Coastal tour in Israel

If you love the sea and don't have a lot of time in Israel a coastal tour is the perfect solution for you.


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Day Tour in the modern parts of Jerusalem

There are almost to many  great and fun activities to do in Israel, so visitors will never run out of possible things to do. Visitors can traverse the wonderful deserts or loiter in the cities’ rich heritage. You can take a walk through the New Israel Museum and bask in the glory of the ancient past or visit the City of Parliament. Visitors can also relax and enjoy hotels amenities or challenge a ride on a camel. Your Israel vacation will never bore you.

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Jaffa - where the old meets the new

If you are on a vacation in Israel, you should never forget to visit one of the happiest places, Tel Aviv Jaffa. In this wonderful place, you won’t ever have a boring moment which will make your stay worthwhile.

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