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Jewish heritage tour of Jerusalem

A great day tour, excellent if you don't have a lot of time visiting  Jerusalem.

Note: modest dressing is required and head covering.

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Things You Should Know about Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah, also known as “Daughter of Commandment”, is one of the largest rites of passage in the Jewish faith. This ceremony is meant to be shared with loved ones and friends.  Say for instance, if your child comes of age in the Jewish faith, you will plan the celebration for this rite of passage. Whether the celebration is sophisticated, quiet or signifies travel to the Holy Land, Bat Mitzvah plays a significant time for a young Jewish woman.

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Tailor made Bar Mitzva trip

Having an age of 13 in the Jewish custom is a significant event for every boy and his family. It is the age in which a boy also automatically becomes a man. A Bar Mitzvah is defined as a boy having the same rights now as that of a grown man and has now also ethically and morally responsible for all his actions and decisions.

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